The ultimate in movie monsters, vampires have been in film since cameras first started rolling. From the 1922 classic 'Nosferatu' (pictured) to the modern-day Russian take, 'Nightwatch', these blood-suckers have never gone out of style. Below is Alice's collection of the undead, from the camp ('Dracula A.D. 1972'), to the erotic ('Fascination'), the humourous, ('Vampire's Kiss'), to the downright weird ('Blacula'), you're sure to find something to, er, sink your teeth into...

Dracula: The Legacy Collection - Dracula / Dracula's Daughter / Son of Dracula / House of Dracula (1945)

Director: Earle C Kenton, Lambert Hillyer, Robert Siodmak, Tod Browning, George Melford
Starring: Helen Chandler, Dwight Frye, Bela Lugosi, David Manners, Edward Van Sloan, Carlo...

Bela Lugosi stars as the debonair Count in 'Dracula', the classic version of Bram Stoker's tale of the bloodsucking fiend. Also included is the Spanis... Read more

Elvira's Haunted Hills (2001)

Director: Sam Irvin
Starring: Cassandra Peterson, Richard O'Brien, Mary Scheer, Scott Atkinson, Mary Jo Smith,...

Elvira's back in an all-new adventure! With her ample anatomical assets, big black bouffant, and hilarious one-liners, the Mistress of the Dark knocks... Read more

Frankenstein: The Legacy Collection - Frankenstein / Bride of Frankenstein / Son of Frankenstein / Ghost of Frankenstein / House of Frankenstein (1944)

Director: Earle C Kenton, James Whale, Rowland V Lee
Starring: Boris Karloff, Colin Clive, Mae Clarke, John Boles, Dwight Frye, Valerie Hobson,...

Boris Karloff gives one of the great screen performances of all time in the horror classic 'Frankenstein', based on Mary Shelley's novel. Also feature... Read more

Fright Night (1985)

Director: Tom Holland
Starring: Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse

What would you do if you thought your new next door neighbour was a vampire, and his next victim could be you? An entertaining, old-fashioned horror o... Read more

Fright Night (2011)

Director: Craig Gillespie
Starring: Chris Sarandon, Toni Collette, David Tennant, Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, Sofi...

Senior Charlie Brewster (Anton Yelchin) finally has it all-he's running with the popular crowd and dating the hottest girl in high school. In fact, he... Read more

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Director: Robert Rodriguez
Starring: Salma Hayek, Quentin Tarantino, Juliette Lewis, Harvey Keitel, George Clooney, C...

Director Robert Rodriguez and star-screenwriter Quentin Tarantino throw in everything they can think of in this tale of a pair of bank-robbing brother... Read more

Graveyard Shift (1990)

Director: Ralph S Singleton
Starring: David Andrews, Kelly Wolf, Stephen Macht, Brad Dourif

From the chillingly prolific pen of Stephen King comes this terrifying tale about a small town where the biggest employer is the mill that keeps hirin... Read more

Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron (2007)

Director: Tad Stones, Victor Cook
Starring: Voices Of, Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, John Hurt, Doug Jones, Peri Gilpin

When Hellboy and co investigate the haunted mansion of an attention-seeking billionaire they uncover a host of nasties and a plot to resurrect a very... Read more

Horror of Dracula ( Dracula ) (1958)

Director: Terence Fisher
Starring: Peter Cushing, Michael Gough, Christopher Lee

Aka 'Dracula'. Probably Hammer Films' best horror, a handsomely mounted retelling of the Stoker tale, with fantasy elements de-emphasized. Christopher... Read more

Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Director: Genndy Tartakovsky
Starring: Adam Sandler, David Spade, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, Kevin Ja...

Welcome to Hotel Transylvania, a lavish resort owned by Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler) that serves as a no humans allowed vacation spot for werewolv... Read more