Blu-ray Discs

Immerse yourself in a world in which dreams come true and imagination comes to life with razor-sharp clarity. You're experiencing the wonder of Blu-ray, the High Definition entertainment format that will change the movies as you know them. Many of your favourite films are already available on Blu-ray discs, along with incredible interactive features and unprecedented online connectivity. Experience Blu-ray on Playstation 3 or a Blu-ray player - they'll both play your existing DVDs, too. Once you've lived inside your favourite movies on Blu-ray you may never look back... Below are the rapidly growing line-up of selected titles Alice stocks to showcase this exciting format.

White Boy Rick (Blu-Ray) (2018)

Director: Yann Demange
Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Richie Merritt, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Brian Tyree Henry, Ro...

Rick Wershe is a single father who's struggling to raise two teenagers during the height of the crack epidemic in 1980s Detroit. Wershe sells guns ill... Read more

Who's Minding the Store? (Blu-ray) (1963)

Director: Frank Tashlin
Starring: Jerry Lewis, Jill St John, Ray Walston

Barbara is a very rich girl who falls in love with Norman Phiffier, a poor young man. She doesn't tell him who she really is and prepares to marry him... Read more

Widows (Blu-Ray) (2018)

Starring: Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki, Cynthia Erivo, Colin Farrell...

A police shootout leaves four thieves dead during an explosive armed robbery attempt in Chicago. Their widows -- Veronica, Linda, Alice and Belle -- h... Read more

Wild at Heart ( Blu-ray ) (1990)

Director: David Lynch
Starring: Crispin Glover, Diane Ladd, Harry Dean Stanton, Isabella Rossellini, Laura Dern,...

If Lula (Laura Dern) knows one thing in this world, it's that she's destined to be with her ex-con boyfriend Sailor (Nicolas Cage) - no matter how man... Read more

Wild Card (Blu-ray) (2015)

Director: Simon West
Starring: Jason Statham, Anne Heche, Sofia Vergara

When a Las Vegas bodyguard with lethal skills and a gambling problem gets in trouble with the mob, he has one last play...and it's all or nothing. Read more

Wild China ( Blu-ray ) (2008)

Starring: Narrated by, Bernard Hill

China is one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, and for the first time in almost a century, it is opening up to the world. This landmark series gai... Read more

Wild Mountain Thyme (Blu-ray) (2020)

Director: John Patrick Shanley
Starring: Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, Jon Hamm, Christopher Walken

A pair of star-crossed lovers in Ireland get caught up in their family's land dispute. John Patrick Shanley, who created the classic MOONSTRUCK, br... Read more

Willow (Blu-ray) (1988)

Director: Ron Howard
Starring: Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley, Warwick Davis, Billy Barty, Jean Marsh

From a story by George Lucas comes this epic fantasy-adventure in which Willow Ufgood (Warwick Davis), a little person, is entrusted with delivering a... Read more

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory ( Blu-ray ) (1971)

Director: Mel Stuart
Starring: Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson, Peter Ostrum, Roy Kinnear, Julie Dawn Cole

One of the most memorably strange children's films ever made, equally influenced by the dark underpinnings of Roald Dahl's original book ("Charlie and... Read more

Willy's Wonderland (Blu-ray) (2021)

Director: Kevin Lewis
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Beth Grant

A quiet drifter is tricked into a janitorial job at the now condemned Willy's Wonderland. The mundane tasks suddenly become an all-out fight for survi... Read more