Classic Adventure

Remember those moments where the main character finds himself in a difficult or precarious dilemma, or confronted with a shocking revelation, those thrill-a-minute extravaganzas, those rip-roaring spectacles, swashbuckling and derring-do action, cliff-hanger endings .... that was what Saturday Matinees were made of. Below is a compilation of the 'essence' of this wonderful genre. See also 'Cliff-Hanger Serials'

Ridin On A Rainbow (1941)

Director: Lew Landers
Starring: Gene Autry

Gene's investigation of a bank robbery takes him to a showboat. There he finds that teenage singer Patsy's father has been working with the robbers to... Read more

Rim Of The Canyon (1949)

Director: John English
Starring: Gene Autry

Gene Autry's stolen horse turns up in a ghost town where Gene goes after he is left stranded during a stagecoach race. Read more

Roadracers (1958)

Director: Arthur Swerdloff
Starring: Skip Ward, John Shay, Gloria Marshall

About a driver who is kicked out of the U.S racing circuit when he's involved in a racing death that was caused by his own carelessness. He goes to Eu... Read more

Robin Hood Of Texas (1947)

Director: Lesley Selander
Starring: Gene Autry

A gang of bank robbers arrive at Gene's ranch. Gene winds up chasing them around the west. When the bank is robbed, Gene and the boys are singing ne... Read more

Robinson Crusoe (1954)

Director: Luis Bunuel
Starring: Dan O'Herlihy, Felipe de Alba, Jaime Fernandez

The year is 1659. There is a shipwreck and the sole survivor, Robinson Crusoe, is washed ashore on a deserted tropical island. Suddenly faced with a h... Read more

Round-Up Time in Texas (1937)

Director: Joseph Kane
Starring: Gene Autry

Gene and Frog arrive with a herd of horses for Gene'e brother, a diamond prospector whose work has attracted the interest of a bunch of badguys. Read more

Rovin' Tumbleweeds (1939)

Director: George Sherman
Starring: Gene Autry

A flood has wiped out the ranchers. Congressman Fuller was against the Flood Control bill so Gene runs against him in the next election and wins. Gene... Read more

Samson (1961)

Director: Gianfranco Parolini
Starring: Brad Harris, Brigitte Corey, Alan Steel

Bodybuilder Brad Harris brings down the house as the strongman of Old Testament fame, splitting tree trunks with his bare hands, tackling whole legion... Read more

Samson and Delilah ( Blu-ray ) (1949)

Director: Cecil B DeMille
Starring: Angela Lansbury, George Sanders, Hedy Lamarr, Henry Wilcoxon, Victor Mature

Journey through time to a gloriously extravagant setting of lust, violence, and treachery in this Oscar-winning adventure from legendary filmmaker Cec... Read more

Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World (1963)

Director: Riccardo Freda
Starring: Gordon Scott, Yoko Tani

In the 13th Century, hordes of sadistic Mongol warriors descend upon China, enslaving the people and plotting to defile and assassinate the virgin pri... Read more