Travel Docos

Along with the Lonely Planets and Pilot Guides there are a few more personal journeys in this collection too. Billy Crystal visits Moscow, Ruby Wax hangs out in Miami, Billy Connolly shows us Scotland and Michael Palin goes all over the place. Put on your loudest Hawaiian shirt and kick off your Birkenstocks, this is travelling the cheap way. Bon Voyage. Pictured: Michael Palin visits Ancient Rome

Michael Palin: Full Circle (1997)

Director: Roger Mills
Starring: Michael Palin

Michael Palin and his intrepid BBC crew set off on their most ambitious journey yet. 55,000 miles around the Pacific Rim, taking in 18 countries, sta... Read more

Michael Palin: Himalaya (2004)

Director: Roger Mills, John Paul Davidson
Starring: Michael Palin

Michael Palin's sixth televised international journey takes him to the Himalaya (Sanskrit for "The Abode of Snow"), a mighty and majestic region of As... Read more

Michael Palin: New Europe (2007)

Starring: Michael Palin

Ex-Python and travel journalist Michael Palin takes a fascinating tour through 20 countries once off-limits behind the Iron Curtain. Through seven ep... Read more

Michael Palin: Sahara (2002)

Director: Roger Mills, John Paul Davidson
Starring: Michael Palin

Michael Palin continues his series of epic journeys, this time crossing the Sahara - an environment as alien and hostile as any on earth. But, instead... Read more

Mountain with Griff Rhys Jones (2007)

Starring: Griff Rhys Jones

In this epic BBC series, Griff Rhys Jones explores and celebrates the magnificent mountainous regions of the British Isles. Shot in High Definition an... Read more

Northern Safari (1957)

Director: Keith F Adams
Starring: Keith F Adams, Audrey Adams, Margaret Adams

Decades before Steve Irwin's Croc Hunter, the Bush Tucker Man and Crocodile Dundee, Keith Adams with his wife and sister, lived a searing adventure in... Read more

Palin on Art (2008)

Starring: Michael Palin

Michael Palin's latest adventure, this time into the world of art. Three fascinating specials investigate intriguing artists and their paintings: Pali... Read more

Paris - An Insider's Guide (2007)

Starring: Sandrine Voillet

Join Sandrine Voillet as she takes you on a journey, experiencing life in the real Paris; a ground view of the city that's seldom seen by tourists. Fr... Read more

Paris Revealed (2013)

"Paris Revealed" embarks us on a journey to the heart of the most emblematic monuments of the City of Lights. Over the course of three episodes, meet... Read more

Peking to Paris (2006)


In 1907, when the motorcar still had something to prove, the punishing Peking to Paris race was born of a casual dare in a Parisian newspaper. More t... Read more