War Docos

Innovative German film-maker Leni Riefenstahl's pioneering masterwork epic "Triumph of the Will" (1934) was explicitly propagandistic yet historical in its spectacular yet horrifying documentation of the Nazi Party Congress rally in Nuremberg in 1934. It was a revolutionary film combining superb cinematography and editing of Third Reich propaganda. She also documented the 1936 Berlin Olympics in the stunning film "Olympia" (1938) - with graceful and beautiful images of 'Aryan' athletes in competition. To respond to the Nazi propaganda, Frank Capra was commissioned by the US War Department to direct seven films in a "Why We Fight" (1943) series of narrated WWII newsreel-style films. The first in the series, "Prelude to War," a look at the events from 1931-1939, won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 1942. These and many other truely great War Documentaries, including the BBC's brilliant "World At War" series, are available by scrolling below. Right: William Wyler's Academy Award winning "The Memphis Belle" 

Hell in the Pacific: The Last Great Naval War (2005)


The Pacific War was the largest naval conflict in history. Across the huge expanses of the Pacific, the two most powerful navies in the world found th... Read more

Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS (2017)

Director: Sebastian Junger, Nick Quested

Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested explore the complexities of the war in Syria and Iraq as they gain access to clandestine organizations to offer a lo... Read more

Hermann Goering: Ambition Without Conscience (1994)


He was the "Number One Nazi," one of Hitler's oldest friends and second in command. Yet perhaps more than any other advisor, he was responsible for th... Read more

Heroes of Aviation (2008)

Take to the skies with courageous military pilots of the past century - from the early fliers of WWI to the amazing aerial acrobats of today. This exc... Read more

Hidden Wars of Desert Storm (2000)

Director: Gerard Ungerman, Audrey Brohy
Starring: Narrated by, John Hurt

On August 2nd, 1990, Saddam Hussein launched his troops against Kuwait, triggering the first major international crisis of the post-Soviet Union era.... Read more

Hitler - The Story of Adolf Hitler / Adolf and Eva / Hitler's Fixer (1998)

Starring: Adolf Hitler

'The Story of Adolf Hitler' uses unique archive footage, to relate the true story of Adolf Hitler, from his days as an adolescent drifter and WWI corp... Read more

Hitler and Mussolini (2009)

Starring: Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini

Taking hold of the reins of fate, two very different men stood on the stage of world history - "Der Fuhrer" and "II Duce". They became the most photog... Read more

Hitler in Colour (2005)

Starring: Adolf Hitler

Narrated by Brian Cox, this fascinating documentary analyzes the life and horrible crimes of Adolf Hitler. Along with gripping eyewitness accounts, th... Read more

How Hitler Lost the War (1989)


Using rare archive footage and interviews with respected military historians and leading British and German veterans of WWII, "How Hitler Lost The War... Read more

How the War Was Won: D-Day - The Lost Evidence (2002)

During the largest invasion in history, Allied reconnaissance planes flew up and down the coast every hour on the hour. By the end of the day, a visua... Read more