As soon as sound was introduced to the movies, the movie musical was born. The musical was one of the most popular movie entertainments from the 1930s through to the 50s, before falling out of favour at the end of the 60s for audiences now being weened on Vietnam, race riots, political assassinations, flower power and psychedelia. The musical still continued onwards, albeit in a different form, with various efforts such as "Cabaret", "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", "Grease", "Hair", "All That Jazz" and "The Blues Brothers" appearing over the next decade. More recently, "Moulin Rouge" and particularly "Chicago" hark back to the glory days of the musical. Right: Liza Minnelli does "Cabaret"

Broken Bridges (2006)

Director: Steve Goldmann
Starring: Toby Keith, Kelly Preston, Tess Harper, Lindsey Haun, Katie Finneran, Anna Maria...

A fading country music singer returns to his hometown where he reunites with his childhood sweetheart and meets his teenage daughter for the first tim... Read more

Bugsy Malone (1976)

Director: Alan Parker
Starring: Scott Baio, Florrie Dugger, Jodie Foster, John Cassisi

A musical unlike any other! 'Bugsy Malone' is a gangster musical satire set in 1929 New York City, a city populated by hoodlums, showgirls and dreamer... Read more

Bugsy Malone ( Blu-ray ) (1976)

Director: Alan Parker
Starring: Florrie Dugger, Jodie Foster, Scott Baio, John Cassisi

A musical unlike any other! 'Bugsy Malone' is a gangster musical satire set in 1929 New York City, a city populated by hoodlums, showgirls and dreamer... Read more

Burlesque (2010)

Director: Steven Antin
Starring: Alan Cumming, Cher , Peter Gallagher, Stanley Tucci, Kristen Bell, Christina Agu...

In this spectacular showbiz fable, pop star-turned-thespian Christina Aguilera plays Ali, an Iowa girl waiting tables at a struggling Los Angeles burl... Read more

Busby Berkeley (2005)


One man. One camera. Unlimited magic. From numerous Warner Bros films of the 1930s come 21 complete musical numbers that established forever the geniu... Read more

By Jeeves (2001)

Director: Alan Ayckbourn
Starring: Martin Jarvis, John Scherer, Donna Lynne Champlin, James Kall, Ian Knauer, Emily...

A musical comedy based on the characters of P.G. Wodehouse, written and directed by Alan Ayckbourn and featuring the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. The... Read more

By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (1952)

Director: David Butler
Starring: Doris Day, Gordon MacRae, Leon Ames

Doris Day and Gordon MacRae reunite for this sequel to 'On Moonlight Bay', which sees the continuing adventures of the Winfield family after Doris' be... Read more

Bye Bye Birdie (1963)

Director: George Sidney
Starring: Janet Leigh, Dick Van Dyke, Ann-Margret , Maureen Stapleton

Some of Broadway's most memorable songs come from this satire of Elvis Presley's army induction. Conrad Birdie, the teenage idol, is drafted and agree... Read more

Cabaret (1972)

Director: Bob Fosse
Starring: Michael York, Marisa Berenson, Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey, Helmut Griem

Winner of 8 Oscars, including Best Director (Bob Fosse), Best Actress (Lisa Minnelli) and Best Supporting Actor (Joel Grey) and widely regarded as one... Read more

Cadillac Records (2008)

Director: Darnell Martin
Starring: Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright, Gabrielle Union, Columbus Short, Cedric The Entert...

The compelling true story of the Chicago record label that brought the world such legendary artists as Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter and C... Read more