Thrillers & Suspense

Thriller and Suspense Films promote intense excitement, suspense, a high level of anticipation, ultra-heightened expectation, uncertainty, anxiety, and nerve-wracking tension. A genuine thriller is a film that relentlessly pursues a single-minded goal, to provide thrills and keep the audience cliff-hanging on the 'edge of their seats' as the plot builds towards a climax. Plots of thrillers often involve characters which come into conflict with each other or with outside forces - the menace is sometimes abstract or shadowy. Below is a grand line-up of the best in contemporary Thrillers & Suspense made since 1965. Following a similar theme, with generally a darker look is the "Film Noir" feature, well worth checking out. The exploits of "James Bond 007" may also be accessed stage left. Right: Frances McDormand makes an arrest in the Coen Bros "Fargo".

44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-out (2003)

Director: Yves Simoneau
Starring: Michael Madsen, Mario Van Peebles, Ron Livingston

Based on a shocking true story, this powerful drama chronicles the botched February, 1997 robbery of a Los Angeles bank. As a pair of heavily-armed cr... Read more

47 Metres Down: Uncaged (2019)

Director: Johannes Roberts
Starring: Sophie Nelisse

Four teenage divers discover that the sunken ruins of a Mayan city are also a hunting ground for deadly great white sharks. With their air supply stea... Read more

48 Hrs (1982)

Director: Walter Hill
Starring: Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy, Annette O'Toole

Street-weary cop Nick Nolte springs smart-aleck convict Eddie Murphy for two days in order to capture a mad dog killer. James Remar is the dangerous q... Read more

48 Hrs ( Blu-ray ) (1982)

Director: Walter Hill
Starring: Annette O'Toole, Eddie Murphy, Frank McRae, James Remar, Nick Nolte

Street-weary cop Nick Nolte springs smart-aleck convict Eddie Murphy for two days in order to capture a mad dog killer. James Remar is the dangerous q... Read more

5150 Elm's Way (2009)

Director: Eric Tessier
Starring: Sonia Vachon, Elodie Lariviere, Normand D'Amour, Marc-Andre Grondin

5150 Elm's Way is located at the end of a quiet street in a small town. When Yannick falls off his bike, he knocks at the door of the Beaulieu residen... Read more

52 Pick-Up (1986)

Director: John Frankenheimer
Starring: Roy Scheider, Ann-Margret , Vanity , John Glover, Clarence Williams III

Elmore Leonard's best-selling novel makes for an exciting screen thriller. Roy Scheider plays a successful businessman who takes on a group of blackma... Read more

6 Days (2017)

Director: Toa Fraser
Starring: Mark Strong, Martin Shaw, Jamie Bell, Abbie Cornish

In April 1980, a half-dozen armed Arab separatists stormed the Iranian embassy in London and took 26 of the occupants hostage. The tense hours that fo... Read more

600 Miles (2015)

Director: Gabriel Ripstein
Starring: Tim Roth, Kristyan Ferrer, Monica Del Carmen, Craig Hensley, Harris Kendall

After a terrifyingly tense opening of a slope-shouldered youth perusing a gun store, Gabriel Ripsteins 600 Miles charts the unlikely alliance of a Me... Read more

7 Boxes (2012)

Director: Juan Carlos Maneglia, Tana Schembori
Starring: Celso Franco, Victor Sosa, Lali Gonzalez

A.k.a. "7 cajas". It's Friday night in Asunción, Paraguay and the temperature is sweltering. Víctor, a 17-year-old wheelbarrow delivery boy, dreams of... Read more

7 Days (2010)

Director: Daniel Grou
Starring: Remy Girard, Claude Legault, Fanny Mallette

In this unnerving French Canadian thriller, a vengeance-crazed doctor (Claude Legault) first does considerable harm to the rapist who violated his dau... Read more