The American West has always fascinated movie goers, even though much of the Old West never was. Russian nobility toured, eccentric Englishwomen toured, and authors wrote wild stories that seeped into the minds of us all. Gunslingers, cattle rustlers and savage Indians are part of the myth. Other iconic elements include the hanging tree, stetsons amd spurs, lassos and Colt 45s, stagecoaches, gamblers, long-horned cattle and cattle drives, prostitutes (or madams) with a heart of gold, and more. Alice's Westerns, or Cowboy Films are listed alphabetically below, be sure to check out 'Spaghetti Westerns' sub-featured in green on the left, and 'TV Westerns' under 'Television Shows'.

Cimarron Strip: 'Til the End of the Night (1968)

Starring: Stuart Whitman, Suzanne Pleshette, Harry Dean Stanton

This classic western TV show dramatized the encounters of US Marshal Jim Crown (Stuart Whitman) and his efforts to bring law and order to the Cimarron... Read more

Cimarron Strip: Battleground (1967)

Director: Don Medford
Starring: Stuart Whitman, Telly Savalas, Warren Oates

A Classic Action Adventure of the Old West on Cimarron Strip. US Marshal Jim Crown (Stuart Whitman) gets the drop on his old buddy, Bear (Telly Savala... Read more

Cimarron Strip: Journey to a Hanging (1968)

Starring: Henry Silva, John Saxon, Stuart Whitman

Episode one of the 1960s American western series, following the adventures of Marshal Jim Crown (Stuart Whitman). In this episode, outlaw Ace Coffin (... Read more

Cimarron Strip: Nobody (1968)

Director: Boris Sagal
Starring: Stuart Whitman, Warren Oates, Ken Swofford

Ole Mobeetie's back in Cimarron! When getting himself a new job, this rabble-rousing wildman celebrates his accomplishment by riding his horse through... Read more

Cimarron Strip: The Beast That Walks Like a Man (1967)

Starring: Leslie Nielsen, Stuart Whitman

The Houstan clan wants to cross the river at the edge of the Cimarron Strip and establish their claim to Mocane Valley in land that hasn't been settle... Read more

Classic John Mills: O.H.M.S. / The History of Mr Polly / The Singer Not the Song (1937)

Director: Raoul Walsh, Roy Ward Baker, Anthony Pelissier
Starring: Anna Lee, Dirk Bogarde, John Mills, Mylene Demongeot, Sally Ann Howes, Wallace F...

The career of John Mills spanned an amazing seven decades. He was the quintessential English hero and gentleman, exuding strength and authority but wi... Read more

Colorado Sunset (1939)

Director: George Sherman
Starring: Gene Autry

Gene and his buddies discover that the ranch they bought is really a dairy farm. And worse, it's subject to intimidation from a protection racket that... Read more

Column South (1953)

Director: Frederick De Cordova
Starring: Audie Murphy, Robert Sterling, Palmer Lee, Joan Evans, Ray Collins

Audie Murphy is suitably cast as cavalry lieutenant Jed Sayre in Universal's Column South. Stationed in Navajo country, Sayre has a pretty good unders... Read more

Comanche Station (1960)

Director: Budd Boetticher
Starring: Claude Akins, Randolph Scott, Skip Homeier, Nancy Gates, Richard Rust

Loner Cody trades with the Comanches to get a white girl released. He is joined on his way back to the girl's husband by an outlaw and his sidekicks.... Read more

Comanche Territory (1950)

Director: George Sherman
Starring: Charles Drake, Maureen O'Hara, Will Geer, Macdonald Carey

Set in 1820s Texas and features frontiersman Jim Bowie. After he's attacked by a band of Indians, Bowie (Carey) is rescued by ex-Congressman Dan'l See... Read more