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Earth (1998)

Director: Deepa Mehta
Starring: Shabana Azmi, Nandita Das, Kulbushan Kharbanda

A powerful, moving tale about real people caught in a historical nightmare. The movie opens in Lahore of 1947, before India and Pakistan became indepe... Read more

The World Of Apu ( Apu Trilogy Part 3 ) (1959)

Director: Satyajit Ray
Starring: Soumitra Chatterjee, Sharmila Tagore

The third of the famous 'Apu trilogy' although 'World of Apu' stands on its own as a brilliant, artistically meaningful film. Told in a straight forwa... Read more

Bandit Queen (1994)

Director: Shekhar Kapur
Starring: Seema Biswas, Nirmal Pandey, Manoj Bajpai

Based on the true-life of Phoolan Devi, a lower-class woman who was sold at age 11 by her family as a child bride but later escaped. Challenging her c... Read more

Bombay Talkie (1970)

Director: James Ivory
Starring: Shashi Kapoor, Jennifer Kendal, Zia Mohyeddin

"Bombay Talkie" is Merchant Ivory's affectionate, bemused view of Bollywood - India's huge dream factory. The story, set off by elaborate studio numbe... Read more

Zeher (2005)

Director: Mohit Suri
Starring: Shamita Shetty, Emraan Hashmi

Police Inspector Sonia Mehra is married to her subordinate Siddharth, and both are employed by the Goa Police Force. They share a fairly harmonious re... Read more

Yuva (2004)

Director: Mani Ratnam
Starring: Abhishek Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Vivek Oberoi

When three young men are brought together by an accident on Calcutta's Second Hoogly Bridge, their lives change irreversibly. Their change, their conf... Read more

Fida (2004)

Director: Ken Ghosh
Starring: Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Fardeen Khan

Jai (Shahid Kapoor) has a vision of the girl he is going to fall in love with. One day he meets Neha (Kareena Kapoor) and she falls for him instantly... Read more

Baghban (2003)

Director: Ravi Chopra
Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Hema Malini, Mahima Chaudhry

Raj Malhotra is a hard-working family man. He and his wife Pooja invest all of their time and income into their four sons. Just like a gardener (Baghb... Read more

Kuch Naa Kaho (2003)

Director: Rohan Sippy
Starring: Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai

Raj (Abhishek Bachchan) lives in New York with his mother, Dr. Malhotra (Suhasini Myley). They are very close but there is one issue they can't see ey... Read more