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Prisoners of War: Series 2 (2012)

Starring: Ishai Golan, Mili Avital, Assi Cohen, Yoram Toledano, Gal Zaid

The Israeli drama on which the U.S. series "Homeland" is based. Series two starts where series one ended - Nimrode and Uri continue to pick up the pie... Read more

Prisoners of War: Series 1 (2009)

Starring: Ishai Golan, Mili Avital, Yael Abecassis, Assi Cohen, Adi Ezroni, Yoram Toledano

The Israeli drama which inspired the U.S. series "Homeland". "Prisoners of War" (or "Hatufim" - 'abductees' in Hebrew), tells the story of three Israe... Read more

Kippur (2000)

Director: Amos Gitai
Starring: Liron Levo, Tomer Russo

The film takes place in 1973, during the Yom Kippur War, in which Egypt and Syria launched attacks in Sinai and the Golan Heights. Although the story... Read more

Footnote (2011)

Director: Joseph Cedar
Starring: Nevo Kimchi, Lior Ashkenazi, Shlomo Bar Aba, Daniel Markovich, Alisa Rosen, Alma...

A.k.a. "Hearat Shulayim". Eliezer Shkolnik (Shlomo Bar Aba) and his son Uriel (Lior Ashkenazi) are both Talmud scholars who teach at the Hebrew Univer... Read more

The Debt (2007)

Director: Assaf Bernstein
Starring: Oleg Drach, Gila Almagor

In the original Israeli thriller that inspired a 2011 Hollywood remake, three Mossad operatives track down and capture a Nazi war criminal in 1965, on... Read more

A Film Unfinished (2010)

Director: Yael Hersonski

In 1942, more than two years after Nazi troops herded Poland's Jews into a ghetto in Warsaw, where they were to be held until they were sent to exterm... Read more

The Human Resources Manager (2010)

Director: Eran Riklis

The Human Resources Manager of Jerusalem's largest bakery is in trouble. He is separated from his wife, distanced from his daughter, and stuck in a jo... Read more

Precious Life (2010)

Director: Shlomi Eldar

This richly topical, award-winning feature documentary follows the heartfelt struggle of a Palestinian mother to secure lifesaving treatment for her b... Read more

Lebanon (2009)

Director: Samuel Maoz
Starring: Oshri Cohen, Yoav Donat, Michael Moshonov, Italy Tiran

This harrowing drama from Israel looks at the 1982 Lebanon War through the eyes of four young Israeli soldiers, trapped inside a tank bound for the Le... Read more

First Earth: Uncompromising Ecological Architecture (2009)

Director: David Sheen

'First Earth' is a documentary about the movement towards a massive paradigm shift for shelter - building healthy houses in the old ways, out of the v... Read more