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The Best of Country Calendar (2004)

New Zealand's long-running farming tv series "Country Calendar" gets its own 'best of' compilation with this DVD containing six entertaining episodes.... Read more

Flatmates Wanted (2004)

Director: Gary Davies
Starring: Luke Hutching, Nick Broadhurst, Chris Yates

Shot on the smell of an oily rag and a few well-timed favours, this pants-wetting horror took just nineteen days in Wellington to get in the can, then... Read more

Behaviours of the Backpacker (2003)

Director: Sandor Lau
Starring: Sandor Lau

To make "Behaviours of the Backpacker", director Sandor Lau, a Chinese/Hungarian-American film student and Fulbright scholar, walked 500km alone from... Read more