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Alice Film Links

With the Internet being the amazing resource it is - we have collected together a few places where you can find out more on the subject of film.

Alice in Videoland - "Up Close and Personal"

Wonderful production scripted, produced and directed by a very talented Andrea Dijkstra. This segment of a series "Up Close and Personal" profiling Alice in Videoland, Was first aired on Canterbury Television just 3 days after the Great Quake of 4/9/2010...

Bad Movies

Here is a safe place to indulge in your more unsavory cinematic tastes.

British Academy Awards

The major films awards held in Great Britain.

Cannes Film Festival

News from the greatest film festival in the world.

Canterbury Film Society

Aims to screen interesting films (foreign films in particular) which would not otherwise be seen in Christchurch.

Care and Handling of DVDs

Provides guidance on how to maximize the lifetime and usefulness of optical discs.

DVD Demystified - Home of the DVD FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know......

Empire Magazine

A British film magazine published monthly and and industry benchmark.


Keep up with the buzz...


See what's on at the movies in your town. Complete with user reviews, info, trailers and session times.

Internet Movie Database

The ultimate film analysis and reference site. A great place to spend a couple of months.

Internet Movie Poster Awards

Honoring the very best and the very worst achievements (past & present) in movie posters.

Lumiere Reader

The Lumière Reader's Film Pages publish comment and editorial; features, interviews and essays; film and DVD reviews; extensive film festival coverage; and an ongoing series of columns on cinema in New Zealand and abroad.


Free, personalized, non-commercial, ad-free, great movie recommendations.

New York Times - Film Reviews

Quality film reviews from this trusted view of film, includes their Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made.

New Zealand Films

Locate information regarding New Zealand Feature Films and Featurettes.

NZ International Film Festival

The official site for the annual New Zealand International Film Festival.


"PopOptiq is the creation of a team of like-minded pop-culture devotees from across North America, the new incarnation of the pop-culture webmagazine formerly known as Sound on Sight. Our goal is to create worthwhile original writing, podcasts, and other content on the subject of visual pop culture. While we place an emphasis on independent and genre-based work, we find value in all modes of expression, as well as the intersections therein, an ethos that applies to all four of our main areas of interest (Film, TV, Games, and Comics)."

Razzie Awards

The Golden Raspberry Awards (Razzies) 'dis'honour the worst achievements of the movie year.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is a United States-based magazine devoted to music, politics, popular culture and film.

Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review, The

New Zealand based, comprehensive review site focusing on the world of fantastic cinema.

Showbiz Awards Gold Derby

The ultimate, unofficial Awards fan's site. Includes Academy, Grammy, Emmy, Tony, Golden Globe, National Society of Film Critics, Director's Guild of America, New York Film Critics Circle Awards....and much more.

Sight and Sound (BFI)

A high quality British monthly film magazine published by the British Film Institute (BFI).

Teach With Movies

Fantastic site for parents and teachers interested in film as a teaching medium.


'Variety, has been published since 1905, when it was launched by Sime Silverman as a weekly periodical covering vaudeville, its headquarters in New York.

Video Detective

The Worlds Greatest Collection Of Movie Trailers

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