Michael Caine stars as Billy 'Shiner' Simpson, an East End boxing promoter with big ideas. In a crucial match which could lead to a place in the world title fight, Billy puts his only son Eddie 'Golden Boy' against American champion Michael 'Mikey' Peck. Simpson's financial future rests on the outcome of the fight, so when Golden Boy performs badly and is defeated, Simpson's world disintegrates. Billy is convinced his son was 'got at', but before he can find out the truth a shot rings out and Eddie falls dying to the ground. Distraught, Billy begins his frantic search for the killer, aided by minders. But meanwhile his past is catching up with him and the police are closing in. Billy accuses enemies, friends and family, but the real killer is not revealed until the shocking and explosive final cut!

Year: 2001
Genre: Drama, Sport Films
Country: UK
Director: John Irvin
Starring: Michael Caine, Martin Landau, Frances Barber, Andy Serkis, Frank Harper, Claire Rushbrook, Kenneth Cranham
Duration: 95 Minutes
Rating: R18 - Contains violence.
Location in store: Drama



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