Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna

This two-part TV movie recounts the life of Anna Anderson, who until the day she died at age 82 insisted that she was really Anastasia Romanov, daughter of Czar Nicholas. Anna first makes her claim in 1920, when she is an inmate in a Berlin asylum. Her story of escape from the Bolsheviks who killed the rest of her family in 1918 seems so vivid that many Russian expatriates are willing to believe her. The film concludes in 1928, with Anna restating her claim before the surviving Romanovs living in New York. Amy Irving plays the leading character in a lady-or-the-tiger fashion, so that we never know if she truly swallows her own tale or if she's merely a clever charlatan. Olivia DeHavilland, Rex Harrison, Claire Bloom, Omar Sharif and Susan Lucci co-star in this opulent, location-filmed production.

Year: 1986
Genre: TV Drama, Television Shows, Who am I? Movie Amnesia, Biography, Royalty
Country: USA
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Starring: Amy Irving, Omar Sharif, Claire Bloom, Rex Harrison, Elke Sommer, Olivia de Havilland
Duration: 188 Minutes
Rating: G
Location in store: Drama (TV)



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