The Goldberg Variations: From Glenn Gould Plays Bach

Pianist Glenn Gould made his New York debut on January 11, 1955. His first recording, Bach's "Goldberg Variations," took place that June. The record won instant acclaim. In 1981, Gould departed from his custom of not re-recording a work and, 26 years after his first recording of the "Goldberg Variations," went into the same New York studio for his second recording of the work. Gould viewed the two interpretations as substantially different. French violinist and filmmaker Bruno Monsaingeon was present with his cameras during these sessions, capturing a vivid and intimate portrait of one of the great artists of our time in the process of creating a landmark recording.

Year: 1981
Genre: Performing Arts
Country: USA
Director: Bruno Monsaingeon
Starring: Glenn Gould
Duration: 59 Minutes
Rating: G
Location in store: Performing Arts



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