Can't Stop The Music

New York City DJ/Songwriter Jack Morell (Steve Guttenberg) needs just one big break to get his music heard and land a record deal. But with the help of his retired supermodel roommate (Valerie Perrine) and an uptight tax attorney (Bruce Jenner), they bring together six singing macho men from the Greenwich Village scene for an outrageously 80s adventure of fun, fantasy and disco fever. Welcome to the not quite so straight story of the Village People in their one and only movie musical extravaganza.

Year: 1980
Genre: Queer Cinema, Razzie - Worst Picture
Country: USA
Director: Nancy Walker
Starring: Valerie Perrine, Bruce Jenner, Steve Guttenberg, Village People
Duration: 124 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains coarse language.
Location in store: Queer Cinema



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