The Party's Over

Aka "Last Party 2000". Join your dynamic host Philip Seymour Hoffman for this compelling exploration of the state of democracy in America, chronicling the sensational 2000 Presidential Elections and taking a journey deep into the belly of the beast that is "American politics". The year 2000 brought the United States' system of Democracy to a crisis point. After eight years of Bill Clinton, America witnessed a dramatic change of leadership. While failing to win the popular vote, George W. Bush and the Republican Party won the presidency - a result of polling irregularities, an inordinate number of discarded ballots and unprecedented moves by the Supreme Court. Debate ran rampant throughout the country. As the entire world looked on, Last Party filmmakers were there, capturing the spectacle that surrounded one of the most dramatic and monumental events in US political history. Featuring appearances by Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins.

Year: 2001
Genre: Documentaries, General Docos, Political Docos
Country: USA
Director: Rebecca Chaiklin, Donovan Leitch
Starring: Philip Seymour Hoffman
Duration: 93 Minutes
Rating: M
Location in store: Documentary (Political)



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