"Gert is ordered by a dump owner to deliver his beautiful mute daughter, Princess Plum, to her wedding. The two embark on a mystical journey through strange, stunning monochrome landscapes peopled with a menagerie of monsters and freaks. 28 year old Kiwi Florian Habicht could be the bastard son of Bela Tarr and Guy Maddin if his talent weren't so uniquely original. His innovative film combines a wicked sense of humour and larger-than-life characters with lush, dream-like imagery. The memorable soundtrack was recorded before any visuals were shot, with the actors invited to improvise their parts around it, to disturbingly dreamlike results. "Woodenhead" is a striking experimental fairytale which, unlike traditional bedtime stories, wears its perverted, bleeding heart on its sleeve. A visionary film sure to confound expectations of what cinema could or should be." - Commonwealth Film Festival 2004

Year: 2003
Genre: New Zealand Film, Film Festivals 2003
Country: NZ
Director: Florian Habicht
Starring: Nicholas Butler, Teresa Peters
Duration: 90 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains sex scenes.
Location in store: New Zealand Film



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