Return to Eden

A naive heiress in love, a ruthless tennis star and a plan for murder so foul not even a giant crocodile can swallow it. Welcome to the many poisonous delights of Australia's own shocking and glamorous Garden of Eden. A story of greed, adultery, revenge and cunning plastic surgery. A breathless trip from the mansions of Sydney Harbour to the deadly rivers of the Australian tropics, from the swaying palms of the Great Barrier Reef to the catwalks of the glitterati and a bloody climax in the ghostly outback estate of Eden. It's a kitsch masterpiece of high glamour, high camp and low-rent scum - with a wardrobe to die for.

Year: 1983
Genre: TV Drama, Australian Film, Television Shows, TV Thrillers
Country: Australia
Director: Karen Arthur, Kevin James Dobson
Starring: Rebecca Gilling, Wendy Hughes, James Reyne, Chris Haywood
Duration: 265 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains sex scenes.
Location in store: Australian Film



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