My Little Pony: Bright Lights

2 animated stories. "Bright Lights" - The Baby Ponies run off with a Pony Star named Knightshade, whose mysterious assistant, a zebra named Zeb, uses a satchel to steal their shadows. In Knightshade's home town, everyone's shadow has been stolen; the Ponies and Knightshade must face the evil Erebus on their own. "Crunch the Rockdog" - Bushwoolies come running for help, Crunch the Rockdog is coming, and everything he touches turns to stone! Using the magical Heartstone, Megan and Windwhistler try to outwit Crunch the Rockdog and save Ponyland from turning into stone.

Year: 1986
Genre: Children's: Pre-School, Children's & Family Theatre
Country: USA
Duration: 62 Minutes
Rating: G
Location in store: Childrens/Family Theatre (Pre-School)



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