I Am Not An Animal

In the year 2000, a top-secret vivisection laboratory embarked on the most audacious experiment ever attempted - Project S - the creation of talking animals. The intention was to create designer pets able to say 'I love you' - but the results were horrific. Pampered, pretentious, ridiculously opinionated, the animals sit squabbling in a specially built 'waterside' apartment, stuffing themselves with modern European cuisine and quaffing chianti - blissfully unaware that they've been earmarked for extermination. Along with their specially designed clothes, chillout CD and a subscription to celebrity magazine 'UH!', the animals have their own names and personalities - Philip Masterson-Bowie, a horse with literary pretensions, Winona Matthews, a bulldog in mascara desperate to settle down with the actor Tim Robbins, Claire Franchetti, a slutty rat who boasts that her breasts might be small but at least there are eight of them, an insane monkey called Hugh Gape, and Mark Andrews, a fame-hungry sparrow who refuses to accept he's a bird ("I'll only fly if it's first class"). When the timely intervention of a hapless squad of animal liberationists saves the animals from a gruesome end, the furry fugitives are forced to survive in the wild, where danger lurks behind every bush, and pate de foie gras is a thing of the past...

Year: 2004
Genre: Cult Animation, Animation, 2005, Animal Rights
Country: UK
Director: Peter Baynham
Starring: Voices Of, Steve Coogan, Julia Davis, Simon Pegg, Amelia Bullmore, Kevin Eldon, Arthur Mathews
Duration: 205 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains sexual references.
Location in store: Cult Animation



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