Billy Connolly's World Tour of New Zealand

Billy Connolly is back with the fourth in his massively popular World Tour series. This time Billy journeys to a land down under, New Zealand, a country he has been visiting since the 1970's and of which he is immensely fond. Billy's extraordinary journey covers the length and breadth of New Zealand and is mixed with the best of his comedy from sell-out shows around the country. Filmed in 2004 during the first leg of his Too Old To Die Young Tour, this series is a stunning journey around New Zealand's two islands from the Southern-most tip to the far north where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific. Along the way Billy takes in Maori traditions, sand paintings, whale-watching, a 90 mile beach and much more to give us a fascinating insight into the spectacular scenery, culture and people of this amazing country.

Year: 2004
Genre: Documentaries, Travel Docos, New Zealand Docos
Country: UK
Starring: Billy Connolly
Duration: 312 Minutes
Rating: M
Location in store: Documentary (Travel)



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