Peter Cushing: The Abominable Snowman / Bloodsuckers / Shock Waves

From the 1950s to the 1980s the unmistakably gaunt features of Peter Cushing gave British cinema its most recognizable horror star. Bringing unprecedented acting quality to his horror roles (most famously Baron Frankenstein and vampire hunter Van Helsing), Cushing's long association with legendary Hammer Films, and his partnership with Christopher Lee, established him as one of the great horror icons of modern cinema. Prepare yourself for three shiver and shudder spine tinglers - "The Abominable Snowman" (1957) - Peter Cushing stars as a botanist leading a blustery American gun runner (Forrest Tucker) and his party of explorers up the frozen peaks of the Himalayas to track the fabled Yeti. Cushing soon discovers that this is no scientific expedition - it's a hunting party. "Bloodsuckers" (1969) - Peter Cushing stars as the tyrannical Dr. Walter Goodrich in this offbeat tale of Vampirism and sexual obsession! A young Oxford scholar (Patrick Mower) visits Greece and falls in with a drug-crazed cult of homicidal swingers led by a kinky blood-drinker named Chriseis (spunky, coconut-olied Imogen Hassall). After eventually being rescued from the Vampiress' malignant spell, the young man returns to England, only to discover he's different! "Shock Waves" (1976) - Peter Cushing stars as a demented Nazi scientist breeding zombies from the bodies of deceased Aryan SS soldiers in this atmospheric shocker. During World War II, German scientists performed top-secret experiments in the paranormal and worked at creating an invincible super soldier. Now thirty years later, on a remote Island off the coast of Florida, Cushing's self-appointed Death Corps lurk beneath the ocean surface ready to drag the next unsuspecting visitor to a watery death.

Year: 1957
Genre: Horror Movies
Country: UK, USA
Director: Val Guest, Robert Hartford-Davies, Ken Wiederhorn
Starring: Peter Cushing, Forrest Tucker, Richard Wattis, William Mervyn, Patrick Macnee, Brooke Adams, John Carradine
Duration: 263 Minutes
Rating: R16
Location in store: Horror Classic



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