Man of the West

Gary Cooper's last great Western is the story of a man who must revisit his past sins in order to exorcise them. Meeting up co-incidentally on a train with his old gang from 20 years ago, headed by sadistic patriarch Lee J. Cobb, Link (Cooper) is faced with the ultimate choice between 'good' and 'evil'. Widely overlooked by American critics, then-film critic Jean-Luc Godard named it one of 1958's best films.

Year: 1958
Genre: Westerns, Best of the 1950s, Movies (1001 You Must See Before You Die)
Country: USA
Director: Anthony Mann
Starring: Gary Cooper, Julie London, Lee J Cobb, Arthur O'Connell, Jack Lord
Duration: 95 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains violence.
Location in store: Western



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