Parting Shots

Harry just found out he only has a short time to live - but for his enemies, their prognosis looks even worse. With nothing to lose, he embarks on a rampage of outrageously bad behavior. From the friend who stole his ideas to his unfaithful ex-wife, Harry is out to give everyone who ever "done him wrong" something to remember him by: exactly what they deserve! Featuring an all-star cast including: Chris Rea, Ben Kingsley, Bob Hoskins, Joanna Lumley, Oliver Reed, and John Cleese.

Year: 1998
Genre: Comedy
Country: UK
Director: Michael Winner
Starring: Chris Rea, Bob Hoskins, Ben Kingsley, Joanna Lumley, Diana Rigg, Oliver Reed, Felicity Kendal, John Cleese
Duration: 94 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains low level violence.
Location in store: Comedy



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