The New Women

This post-apocalyptic feminist sci-fi spoof stars Mary Woronov ('Eating Raoul') as Lisa LaStrada, a miserable housewife and recovering alcoholic. When a mysterious rain storm renders the men of the world comatose, society plunges into chaos. Acerbic Lisa and her friends seek out Elysium, a new model of society made by women for women. "Witty script bursts at the seams with loopy satire and ballsy female charaters" - Village Voice

Year: 2001
Genre: Comedy, Science Fiction, Cult Films / After Dark, Spoofs, Feminist Tendencies
Country: USA
Director: Todd Hughes
Starring: Mary Woronov, Jamie Tolbert, Sandra Kinder, Jane Ray, Roma Maffia, Jenny Shimizu, Cheryl Dunye, Amy Hill
Duration: 89 Minutes
Rating: M - Adult themes.
Location in store: Comedy



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