Cold Feet: Series 1

Fusing comedy and drama this sharply observant series follows the lives of three couples living in Manchester who are at different stages on the relationship continuum. Adam and Rachel (James Nesbit and Helen Baxendale) are just barely together, Pete and Jenny (John Thomson and Fay Ripley) are trying desperately to conceive their first child, and David and Karen (Robert Bathurst and Hermione Norris) are married with a toddler. Delightfully witty and never straying too far from reality this innovative show became an instant hit with viewers, continuing for five seasons.

Year: 1997
Genre: TV Comedy, TV Drama, Television Shows, Special Editions, Black Humour
Country: UK
Director: Nigel Cole, Ciaran Donnelly
Starring: James Nesbitt, Helen Baxendale, John Thomson, Hermione Norris, Robert Bathurst, Fay Ripley
Duration: 364 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains sex scenes.
Location in store: Comedy (TV)



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