Billy Jack Collection: Born Losers / Billy Jack / The Trial of Billy Jack / Billy Jack Goes to Washington

Truly controversial at the time, the popular 'Billy Jack' movies feature Tom Laughlin - who also penned the scripts and directed (under the pseudonym TC Frank) - as the half-breed, sharp-shooting, karate-chopping, messenger of peace. 'Born Losers' was a typical drive-in biker film introducing the defender of the weak, Billy Jack; 1971's 'Billy Jack' saw the tone change to reflect the political times, highlighting the controversial notion of Native American rights, and becoming one of the highest-grossing cult films of all time. It was also the first film to be marketed using the 'Blokcbuster' technique, released in hundreds of theatres at the same time. In 'The Trial of Billy Jack', Billy goes to court following his actions from the previous film, and 'Billy Jack Goes To Washington' tackles nuclear power versus a national youth camp. Laughlin's real-life wife, Delores Taylor, also features in the last three films.

Year: 1977
Genre: Cult Films / After Dark, Counterculture, Martial Arts, Racial Intolerance
Country: USA
Director: T C Frank
Starring: Clark Howat, Tom Laughlin, Jane Russell, Jeremy Slate, Delores Taylor, E G Marshall
Duration: 516 Minutes
Rating: R18
Location in store: Cult



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