Afro Samurai

Samuel L Jackson is the titular sword-slinger desperate to avenge the death of his father at the hands of Justice (Ron Perlman), who also happens to be the world's number one fighter. Afro must become world number two in order to have a shot at his nemesis, but he finds there is plenty of competition for the spot. Set in a feudal, futuristic Japan, this hip-hop anime began life as a manga by Takashi Okazaki, and was turned into a five-part mini-series by Studio Gonzo who spent a record million dollars per episode. Included here is the complete series.

Year: 2007
Genre: Cult Animation, Anime, Animation, Samurai, Action
Country: Japan, USA
Director: Fuminori Kizaki
Starring: Voices Of, Samuel L Jackson, Kelly Hu, Ron Perlman
Duration: 125 Minutes
Rating: R16 - Contains violence, offensive language and sex scenes.
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