CHiPs: Season 1

Officers Jon (Larry Wilcox) and Ponch (Erik Estrada) are two motorcycle cops cruising the sundrenched highways of Southern California, dealing with everything from gridlock to high speed pursuits to overturned truckloads of snakes! And never once did they need to draw their weapons. A huge hit with audiences, running for six seasons, this family-friendly, buddy cop show will be a blow-waved trip down memory lane for children of the '70s.

Year: 1977
Genre: TV Drama, Television Shows, Deluxe Box Sets, TV Thrillers
Country: USA
Starring: Erik Estrada, Larry Wilcox, Robert Pine, Paul Linke
Duration: 1012 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains low level violence.
Location in store: Thriller (TV)



Box Set

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