The New Twilight Zone: Season 3

Bringing on a whole new production team, CBS renewed their sci-fi/horror anthology series for a third and final season with 30 new half-hour episodes. Famous faces popping up include Timothy Bottoms, Harry Morgan and Bud Cort, while amongst the directors is Egyptian born art-house maven, Atom Egoyan!

Year: 1988
Genre: TV Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror, TV Thrillers, Supernatural
Country: USA
Director: Atom Egoyan, Paul Lynch, Sturla Gunnarsson, Eric Till, etc
Starring: Harry Morgan, Marc Singer, Timothy Bottoms, Michael Moriarty, Bud Cort, Charles Haid, Maury Chaykin, Dean Stockwell, etc ...
Duration: 659 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains medium level violence.
Location in store: Sci-fi / Fantasy (TV)



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