Always Greener: Season 1

A light-hearted Aussie drama series revolving around two families, the Taylors and the Todds, who decide to see how the 'other half live'. The city-dwelling Taylors dream of an easier lifestyle in the country while the Todds live on a farm and have always wondered how they would cope in the big smoke. When the families decide to swap houses they learn quite a bit more than they anticipated! Includes the complete 22 episodes from the first season.

Year: 2001
Genre: TV Comedy, TV Drama, Australian Film, Television Shows, Deluxe Box Sets
Country: Australia
Starring: John Howard, Anne Tenney, Michala Banas, Daniel Bowden, Natasha Lee, Abe Forsythe, Scott Major, Caitlin McDougall
Duration: 956 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains sexual references.
Location in store: Drama (TV)



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