Classic Albums: Frank Zappa - Apostrophe (') / Over-Nite Sensation

This new addition to the acclaimed Classic Albums series focuses on Frank Zappa's early seventies albums, Over-Nite Sensation (1973) and Apostrophe(') (1974). Encapsulating his extraordinary musical diversity, they were the two most commercially successful albums released in his prolific career. This tells the story behind the conception and recording of these groundbreaking albums, featuring contributions from Frank's wife Gail, his children Dweezil, Moon and Ahmet plus friends and colleagues including Billy Bob Thornton, Alice Cooper, Steve Vai and Warren Cucurullo. Also included is home-video and archive footage, and new live performances by Zappa Plays Zappa, featuring Dweezil and Ahmet.

Year: 2007
Genre: Music Capsule
Country: USA
Starring: Dweezil Zappa, Frank Zappa, Billy Bob Thornton, Alice Cooper
Duration: 97 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains sexual references.
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