Dilbert: The Complete Series

Based on the popular comic strip by Scott Adams, Dilbert is a tie-wearing cubicle slave, toiling endlessly over indeterminate products at 'The Company'. Never recognised for his contributions, the muted frustration of his constant run-ins with his clueless boss and complacent co-workers are surpassed only by the schemes that his super-intelligent dog, Dogbert, continually involves him in. This four-disc set includes all 30 of the show's episodes and features the voices of Daniel Stern, Chris Elliott and Gordon Hunt.

Year: 1999
Genre: Cult Animation, Animation, Comics Movies
Country: USA
Starring: (Voices of) , Jason Alexander, Daniel Stern, Chris Elliott, Kathy Griffin
Duration: 374 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains low level violence.
Location in store: Cult Animation



Box Set

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