Doctor Dolittle

Rex Harrison is the man who can talk to the animals in this epic musical entertainment for children of all ages, based on the stories of Hugh Lofting. Far from a trouble-free shoot the fawn ate a tin of paint, the squirrels ate the sets, a goat ate the diector's script, torrential downpours caused delays, Rex Harrison suffered numerous bites and a disgruntled local let off a homemade bomb! Oscars went for Best Song ('Talk to the Animals') and Special Visual Effects.

Year: 1967
Genre: Musicals, Children's & Family Theatre, Based on...
Country: USA
Director: Richard Fleischer
Starring: Rex Harrison, Samantha Eggar, Anthony Newley, Richard Attenborough, Peter Bull
Duration: 145 Minutes
Rating: G - Contains coarse language.
Location in store: Childrens/Family Theatre



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