Red Road

Winner of the Cannes Prix du Jury Prize, this startling Scottish noir thriller is about a Glasgow CCTV operator who ends up stalking a man she sees on her screens. Jackie is emotionally disconnected from life and she likes it that way, but one day a face from the past appears, sending Jackie's life into a spiral of obsession and illicit surveillance that ultimately leads her to 'Red Road'. The first of three films made at the behest of The Advance Party, a Danish project inspired by Lars von Trier, who challenged Arnold and two other new directors to create films using the same group of characters.

Year: 2006
Genre: Art House Cinema, Drama, Thrillers & Suspense, Film Festivals 2007
Country: Denmark, UK
Director: Andrea Arnold
Starring: Tony Curran, Natalie Press, Martin Compston, Kate Dickie
Duration: 109 Minutes
Rating: R18 - Contains violence, offensive language and sex scenes.
Location in store: Art House Cinema



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