Veronica Mars: Season 2

Season 2 of this cult favourite begins when Veronica misses the bus - a school bus that minutes later plunges off a cliff into the Pacific. It may be a tragic accident. Or suicide. Or murder. It may (or may not) be tied to Lilly Kane's murder. But you know Veronica's on the case, even when other mysteries lead to danger and double crosses, even when her love life takes a couple of dives onto the pool deck, even when... well, wait and find out in this season long mystery featured over 22 episodes.

Year: 2005
Genre: TV Cult, TV Drama, Television Shows, Deluxe Box Sets, TV Thrillers, Contemporary Noir
Country: USA
Starring: Kristen Bell, Percy Daggs III, Teddy Dunn, Jason Dohring, Francis Capra, Ryan Hansen, Kyle Gallner, Tessa Thompson, Enrico Colantoni
Duration: 881 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains violence and sexual references.
Location in store: Thriller (TV)



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