Rugrats In Paris: The Movie

Hold on to your berets babies. Instead of delving into their rich fantasy life, the Rugrats gang goes on a real adventure when their families visit Paris together. Mr. Pickles is brought over to fix his giant Reptar robot, the centerpiece of EuroReptarland (a biting version of the trouble-plagued EuroDisney). The underlying story has Chuckie (the one with the square glasses) looking for a new mommy, as his dad (who has a square personality) starts to fall for a villainous executive (voiced by Susan Sarandon). Soon Paris takes it on the chin as the diaper gang tries to save Chuckie's dad from the altar.

Year: 2000
Genre: Family Animation, Children's & Family Theatre
Country: USA
Director: Stig Bergqvist, Paul Demeyer
Starring: Voices Of, Cheryl Chase, Elizabeth Daily, Christine Cavanaugh, Kath Soucie, Tara Strong
Duration: 75 Minutes
Rating: G
Location in store: Childrens/Family (Animation)



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