American Swing

In 1970s New York, Plato's Retreat was an epicentre of sensual excess. The renowned sex club was a thriving destination for patrons who wanted to leave their inhibitions at the door. This colourful (and explicit) documentary chronicles the club's life and death; its creation by Larry Levenson in 1977; his brief reign as Manhattan's self-appointed King of Swing; and the club's inevitable demise in the face of the on-coming AIDS epidemic. A fascinating and highly entertaining glimpse into a place with a spa that seats 30, and where a perpetual orgy takes place on twenty, not-so-clean mattresses pushed together in a room. It was Playboy Mansion, for the people.

Year: 2008
Genre: Documentaries, Counterculture, Sensual or Erotic Films, General Docos, Docos - General
Country: USA
Director: Jon Hart, Matthew Kaufman
Duration: 77 Minutes
Rating: R18 - Sex scenes and sexual content that may offend
Location in store: Documentary (General)



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