The Yellow Rolls-Royce

An all-star cast highlights this Terrence Rattigan ("The Browning Version") drama that follows a Phantom II Rolls Royce on a series of adventures throughout Europe. Once bought as an anniversary gift for a diplomat's (Rex Harrison) wife (Jeanne Moreau), and a gangster (George C. Scott) who sold it after his moll (Shirley MacLaine) had an affair with a photographer (Alain Delon), the car winds up with an American socialite (Ingrid Bergman) who uses it to smuggle a Yugoslavian patriot (Omar Sharif) back into his country during World War II.

Year: 1964
Genre: Classic Drama, Classic Comedy, Classic & Nostalgia, Classic Cinema
Country: UK
Director: Anthony Asquith
Starring: Alain Delon, George C Scott, Ingrid Bergman, Jeanne Moreau, Omar Sharif, Rex Harrison, Shirley MacLaine
Duration: 122 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains sexual references.
Location in store: Classic Drama



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