Doctor Who: Delta and the Bannermen

The time: 1959. The place: the Shangri-La Holiday Camp, South Wales. The Doctor and Mel want time out. The hedonistic alien Navarinos wants to catch some vintage rock and roll. And two CIA agents want to know what happened to their country's missing satellite. When the beautiful Chimeron princess Delta shows up on the scene, the murderous Bannermen soon follow in hot pursuit. The stage is set for a fiery showdown that will decide the fate of an entire civilisation.

Year: 1987
Genre: TV Cult, TV Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror
Country: UK
Director: Chris Clough
Starring: Sylvester McCoy, Bonnie Langford
Duration: 175 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains low level violence.
Location in store: Cult (TV)



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