The Films of Jean Vigo

The life of masterful French auteur Jean Vigo was cut tragically short at the age of 29, leaving him with a filmography of only four films, all of which are collected here. Together these films represent a unique talent the likes of which the world had never seen. Cutting his teeth on the inventive, satirical 'A Propos de Nice' (1930), Vigo then turned to swimming champion Jean Taris in the experimental 'Taris, Roi de l'Eau' (1931). Vigo's two masterpieces however, were undoubtedly the comical 'Zero de Conduite' ('Zero for Conduct') (1933) and the breathtaking 'L'Atalante' (1934), his only feature film. Vigo's films were never fully appreciated until well after his death, but now, over seven decades later, Vigo may be celebrated for what he is: a groundbreaking auteur responsible for some of cinema's most beautiful and provocative images.

Year: 1934
Genre: Alice's 300 Greatest Films, French Cinema, Classic Drama, Short Film Festival, Classic Cinema
Country: France
Director: Jean Vigo
Starring: Dita Parlo, Jean Daste, Michel Simon
Duration: 165 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains nudity.
Subtitles: Yes
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