By Love Possessed

There's always something simmering beneath the quaint and placid surface of small-town New England lives as depicted in this glossy soap opera directed by John Sturges. The tale chronicles the miserable lives of law partners Arthur Winner (Efrem Zimbalist Jr) and Julius Penrose (Jason Robards). Arthur's wife Clarissa (Barbara Bel Geddes) has nothing but contempt for poor Arthur because she considers their marriage as more a business deal than a love match. Then there's Julius's wife Marjorie (Lana Turner) who has become a full-time alcoholic ever since Julius has been rendered impotent by an automobile accident. Arthur and Marjorie's frustrations both gel into an illicit romantic union...

Year: 1963
Genre: Classic Drama, Classic Cinema
Country: USA
Director: John Sturges
Starring: Barbara Bel Geddes, George Hamilton, Jason Robards, Lana Turner, Thomas Mitchell, Susan Kohner, Efrem Zimbalist Jr
Duration: 111 Minutes
Rating: M - Adult themes.
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