The Armstrong and Miller Show: Series 1

Ben Miller and Alexander Armstrong star in their hit BBC comedy sketch programme, with a line-up of characters including Brabbins and Fyffe, the filthy alter-egos of Flanders and Swann; the Inappropriate Dentist, who regales his captive audience with tales of swinger parties and the state of his pet dog's prostate; Tony and Dimitri, a hapless football manager and his Russian oligarch boss; and wartime fighter pilots, talking in modern-day street lingo. And that's just a taster - there are nearly 100 other characters in the series, all with a hint of Armstrong and Miller's exquisite nose for the absurd.

Year: 2007
Genre: TV Comedy, Television Shows, Sketch Comedy
Country: UK
Director: Dominic Brigstocke
Starring: Ben Miller, Alexander Armstrong
Duration: 224 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains violence, sexual references and offensive language
Location in store: Comedy (TV)



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