Nobel Son

Offbeat mix of dark comedy and crime thriller about a Ph.D. student (Bryan Greenberg) who is kidnapped just before his self-centered, philandering father (Alan Rickman) is awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Rickman refuses to pay the ransom - which just happens to be his $2 million in prize money - leaving Greenberg in the company of his abductors. Realizing his fate rests in his own hands, Greenburg decides to use his smarts and finally show his father just how close the apple falls from the tree! Mary Steenburgen and Eliza Dushku co-star.

Year: 2007
Genre: Comedy, Thrillers & Suspense, Black Humour, Dysfunctional Families
Country: USA
Director: Randall Miller
Starring: Alan Rickman, Bill Pullman, Danny DeVito, Ernie Hudson, Mary Steenburgen, Ted Danson, Shawn Hatosy, Eliza Dushku, Tracey Walter, Bryan Greenberg, Lindy Booth
Duration: 106 Minutes
Rating: R16 - Contains violence, offensive language and sex scenes.
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