Classic Dirk Bogarde: So Long at the Fair / A Tale of Two Cities / The High Bright Sun

Dirk Bogarde is remembered as one of the most accomplished stars of his generation, his eye for detailed characterization and intensity of performance made him a household name across the globe. These classic films are a reminder of his brilliance. SO LONG AT THE FAIR (1950), A TALE OF TWO CITIES (1958) & THE HIGH BRIGHT SUN (1964)

Year: 1958
Genre: Classic Drama, Special Editions, Classic Cinema
Country: UK
Director: Ralph Thomas, Terence Fisher
Starring: David Tomlinson, Denholm Elliott, Dirk Bogarde, Dorothy Tutin, Jean Simmons, Susan Strasberg
Duration: 319 Minutes
Rating: PG
Location in store: Classic Drama



Special Edition

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