The End - Confessions of a Cockney Gangster

Against the background of the hard-as-nails East End of London, first-time filmmaker Nicola Collins explores the fascinating lives of her real-life gangster father and his infamous criminal friends. Brutal, uncompromising and featuring some of the UK's most notorious underworld characters, find out how these men have lived their lives defined by a unique code of honour. A true and compelling story of extraordinary men brought together by the common bonds of birth, poverty, ambition and crime, "The End" is unashamed and unapologetic. " The best British crime movie in years" - Daily Mirror

Year: 2008
Genre: Documentaries, Gangsters, Biography
Country: USA
Director: Nicola Collins
Duration: 77 Minutes
Rating: R16 - Contains violence and offensive language.
Location in store: Documentary (Biographies)



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