World's Greenest Homes: Season 1 and 2

A visually stunning, all access tour of some of the most extraordinary houses ever built. From temples of glass and steel, to palaces made from pressed earth and recycled blue jeans, these residences from around the globe are like nothing you've ever seen before. Featuring top-notch green credentials and an array of mind blowing innovations, these homes don't sacrifice comfort or elegance to be eco-friendly. Visually stunning, informative, and inspiring, each of these magnificent structures is a testament to ingenuity, determination, and conservation. Hear their stories, and meet the fascinating people who live in them! Contains the complete Series 1 & 2.

Year: 2010
Genre: Documentaries, Deluxe Box Sets, Architectures, Eco-Concious
Country: Canada
Duration: 858 Minutes
Rating: G
Location in store: Documentary (Architectures)



Box Set

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