Eight talented candidates have reached the final stage of selection to join the ranks of a mysterious and powerful corporation. Entering a windowless room, where an armed guard keeps watch, they are given 80 minutes to answer one simple question. The invigilator outlines three very specific rules that they must obey - and if they don't, they will be disqualified: 1. They must not speak to the invigilator or the guard. 2. They must not spoil their papers. 3. They must not leave the room. The invigilator starts the clock and leaves. The candidates turn over their question papers, only to find that they are completely blank. Tensions rise as the clock counts down to zero, and each candidate must decide how far they are prepared to go to win the ultimate job.

Year: 2010
Genre: Thrillers & Suspense
Country: UK
Director: Stuart Hazeldine
Starring: Colin Salmon, Pollyanna McIntosh, Adar Beck, Nathalie Cox, Luke Mably, Jimi Mistry, John Lloyd Fillingham, Gemma Chan
Duration: 101 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains violence and offensive language.
Location in store: Thriller



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