Madame X

The lower-class wife (Lana Turner) of a wealthy socialite (John Forsythe) is caught in a compromising situation with a male companion (Ricardo Montalban), and forced by her brutal mother-in-law (Constance Bennett) to die and live under an assumed name in Europe. Out of guilt and loyalty, she forgoes a renewed chance at romance with a concert pianist (John Van Dreelen), and descends into a life of alcoholism and despair. When a seedy acquaintance (Burgess Meredith) finds out who her husband (now governor of New York) and son are, he tries to blackmail her; she kills him, and stands on trial for her life as Madame X  not realizing that her lawyer (Keir Dullea) is actually her grown son.

Year: 1966
Genre: Classic Drama
Country: USA
Director: David Lowell Rich
Starring: Burgess Meredith, Constance Bennett, John Forsyth, Keir Dullea, Lana Turner
Duration: 100 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains violence and coarse language.
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